A bunch of garbage and water

Sometimes having an empty lot next door has its perks…of course, we are super careful to clear it out as soon as possible each week, but building a house produces SO MUCH TRASH. 

But sometimes having an empty lot next door creates problems. For instance, there is a perfect dirt hill running parallel to our house for water to run against and seep into our basement, getting in however water gets into every single micro-space possible. We now need to dig down and add waterproofing below grade to prevent this in the future. 

I’ve never loved a radiator before

But I can’t get over how elegant these Runtal units are. I don’t even feel like they need to be hidden. 

Some construction site portraiture

Some construction site portraiture

Kitchen: the conclusion

Would you believe that the kitchen is almost entirely finished (including appliances)? We just need to have the gas & hot water hooked up, and of course the dishwasher is already broken so we need our first repairman to visit :( But otherwise, what a success! We feel like the luckiest people to be able to live with such a beautiful HenryBuilt kitchen. This was possible only because of the completely amazing team in New York who helped work with us on making such a deal happen. I simply cannot wait to spend time here, it still feels a bit surreal… 


The glass panels on the left conceal our pantry, IT closet, and utilities:


Entry: the conclusion

This past week the last of the concrete was poured for the stairs, the steel railing and gate went in, and the plywood hut finally got dismantled. These steps leading into to our house might outlive the house itself and the next 5 hundred-year storms. Best adjective to describe them so far is masculine, which I think is right on target.  image

The entry continues

Work is trudging along on those front stairs. For the time being, we are still scaling posts and crevasses to get inside…

Kitchen’s coming along

The kitchen installation started this past week, and it’s sooooo exciting. Here’s a sneak peak (spoiler alert—there’s lots of grey): 

The faucet is taped because we now have running water, too! 

A 550lb. fridge is here now too

And one tired, dirty dog

Before and after! Flood gates at the bottom of the door are there for code, designed to let water in, not keep it out, when building in a flood zone. 

Backtracking is a Bad Direction

We found an incident recently which required the walls (and sometimes the ceiling) to be opened near locations where a radiator will be installed. It was especially annoying to learn that the mistake could have been avoided, since the drawings from our engineers were correct all along, but it is what it is - and of course worth it considering our heat wouldn’t operate correctly without backtracking. 

Floored (again)

The floors began installation recently and they look totally amazing. I’m super happy with the quality of the wood and even the decision to fill the knots with white vs. black…although there are more than I envisioned, I think it helps them stay more on the contemporary side and less on the rustic side. Having floors really transforms a space into feeling like a home. image